Be Joyful!


Be happy and joyful, mirthful and content,

for what’s a life that’s filled with discontent?

Hatred and bickering are fine friends for a while,

but they’ll ditch you as soon as other’s they find.

Peace and bliss are fruits of labour,

when all you do is good for your neighbours!

Be joyful my friend, I can attest,

this spirit is definitely a force to contend.

It spreads and spreads, faster than you know

when you focus or even when you just don’t know.

Contagious it is, generous too,

you can’t take the joy out of joyful, try as you may.

Anger and pride try to latch on for a ride,

but if joy is strong, they have a bumpy time.

They jostle and hustle and give up the battle,

if joy insists and persists in the fracas.

For joy wells up without any trouble,

it’s there for the taking, free and unending.

No worries, there’s no charge,

just reach out and grab your part.

For joy to be taken, it must be given

to all about, there’s no conserving.

The well of joy never runs dry.

It’s full and plentiful, abundant and overflowing.

Take what you must, don’t be shy,

it’s a gift that keeps giving,

come back for more!

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