From a Mother to her Child

22from mother to child

Dear Child,

Thank you little one, you have inspired me,

to be the person I am, now. 

If not for you, where would I be? 

Lost in a world of fun and nothingness, 

where every day is a repeat of the same, 

no newness, no insight, no desire to aspire 

in a direction not of my choosing. 

There was no choice. 

You forced me onto a pathway, unseen, hidden 

found only by a few, because they had to.

Little child, you found my vocation, or dare I say it, my vocation found me.

A vast sea of learning awaited me. 

Action and insight, hand in hand, 

led by my friend, the Holy Spirit, 

my invisible partner in this journey. 

Thru promptings, one by one, step by step, 

always moving; forwards, sideways but never backwards. 

On and on, from one thing to another. 

See little child, what you have wrought. 

Your very presence, an encouragement, 

for, in seeking to change you, I have been changed. 

In seeking to move you, I have been moved. 

What greater influence, no man can muster, 

that it came from a child is a wondrous thing to ponder.

Come little one, it is I who holds your hands. 

For you have led me to myself.

Without you I was lost in my own desire.

Without you I may not have found my way.

You made it easy. 

I had to. 

To not do so is not an option I want to contemplate.

Thank you little one, for coming into my world.

You helped me find my way.

I cannot thank you enough, 

You saved me from me!

And in doing so, gave me meaning and life.

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