Prayer Time…

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Christmas is about family and in our home, this time is always busy with…. family (of course!) and friends, presents and parties. This year we were lucky to have 2 days of quiet time and what did we do? Watch ‘family’ movies!

The War Room is a movie that will stay with me for a while. Truthfully, it was a bit mushy and sappy at times, but the message resonated enough that I want to share it.

In the movie, the central theme revolves around the importance of a mother’s prayer for her husband and kids. It tells of the necessity to devote a certain time in your day to asking God to protect your family against evil. A mother’s love for her family is a beautiful thing and I’m certain God listens to mothers’ (and fathers’) earnest petitions.

Prayer is equivalent to conversations we have with our friends. But it is directed to God. In a nutshell,

You        +        conversation with friend           =            strong relationship

You        +        prayer to God                               =            strong relationship

To build successful relationships, regular ‘keep in touch’ moments are important or friends drift away. Similarly an active prayer life is necessary to maintain your relationship with the God who created us.

Common types of prayers include; intercessory prayers – where we pray for others, praise, worship and thanksgiving – wherein we exalt Him who is the Almighty and thank Him for our blessings, and pleas – give me, give me, give me. There are others as well.

Essentially, these steps can be a good start to a fruitful prayer life.

  1. Set a time for everyday worship/prayer.
  2. Talk to God about anything. We might not always like His answer. It can be a yes or a no and even a maybe, but answer He will. Pray for your family, specifically.
  3. Listen to His Word, as He speaks. It could be through a word, a thought, a song. Be open to hearing from Him and remember, sometimes He may choose to be silent which is an answer in itself.

So, watch the movie and begin your journey to a fantastic relationship with our awesome God.

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