Happy New Year! 10 days later…


I love the New Year. It’s a time to start afresh. No matter what you’re doing in your life or whatever point you are at, January 1st is a date when you can stop and say, let’s start something, anything, review old things, revamp things etc. etc.…. I think it should officially be declared ‘a day of action’!

Now you can do this at any time during the year but there’s something special about January 1st.  It gets your adrenaline going, it seems like the right thing to do. Because a whole brand new year awaits us. We have a clean slate before us and we have the chance to do anything…. The prospect is exciting and yet challenging. What should we do?

I like coming up with goals for the coming year. I realize a lot of people don’t like doing this. There are good sized camps on either side of this debate, to do or not to do. But I like putting my goals on paper. Writing things down firms it up. Thoughts are flimsy things, if your goals are only in your mind somewhere, that’s exactly where they are, ‘somewhere’. Could be anywhere because thoughts can disappear quickly or moved in your brain; to the subconscious, unconscious or even the back of the brain! But once they are written down, they are like affirmations. You can read them, and unless you destroy the paper, it is there forever. It is tangible. You can see it and touch it.

So every New Year, I actually write out my goals. And then, during the year, I revisit what I have written and make changes, if needed. A while ago, I came across some past goals. One had a year of 2011 and the goal? To start a spiritual blog.

I started this blog in 2016. It amazed me that I had this inclination way before. It took me only 5 years to get around to it! 🙂 Every year, after 2011, I would write the same goal. This thought of starting a blog would not go away. I had to do it just to get rid of the goal!

But do you see what I mean and where I’m going with this? Writing goals helps us to focus, to hone in on what we want to do. It gives us a starting point, a call for action. To move from one place to another always keeping our sights on the goal ahead. It gives us direction. This recurring goal showed me just how much I wanted this to be. I don’t know why I took so long to do it.

Life happens, and we get distracted. But our true selves, wants and desires will always make itself known. Pay attention. Listen to what your head and your heart is telling you again and again and again.

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best that life has to offer. I know I’m 10 days late. But I’m still celebrating the New Year and trying to make every day count. January tends to pass by very quickly but I’m determined to achieve something every day. Trying to ensure that I live each day fully in the moment with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

So my challenge to you today, is: step out of your comfort zone, take a minute to think about what you want to do and write out your thoughts on where you want to take your life. What direction, what way, what path forward. What changes do you want to make? Or not make. And as you do this, say a prayer that whatever it is you wish to do, is in conformance with God’s will for you.

For, If God be for us, who can be against us?”  Romans 8:31.


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