Everything is not always as it seems.

final clothes

Oftentimes when I’m walking through a high-end store in a big mall I enjoy watching people’s behaviour, mannerisms and interactions with each other. It’s an entertaining, if quirky hobby. Everyone has a story to tell and I’m fascinated with ‘people’ stories, probably that’s why I enjoy biographies so much. Self-analysis at any stage is always interesting.

Well, in this store, I find all sorts. The confident ones zoom by. Some make a beeline for the exact items they’re looking for. Some look around, some don’t, some are preoccupied, others are not. The unsure ones look around nervously, they’re not comfortable in the store. It is high-priced after all, but beautiful! You can see the wistfulness.

But everyone is there for a purpose. To look at the merchandize on display. Some to buy, others to window shop only. And still others who just use the store as a pass through to another destination.

The store assistants fascinate me. If a person is well dressed, the store assistant will rush or turn toward them. And perhaps smile, or offer them a sample or move to assist. No one looks at the person who hasn’t gotten it all together. I mean the person who may not be immaculately dressed or someone who just looks different. Let me amend that, they are definitely looked at but no one gives them a second thought. It’s more a look, judgement, decision and then a dismissal. I’m guessing a connection between looks and purchasing power comes into play.

But everything is not always as it seems. Haven’t we read countless stories on this topic? The Princess and the Pea, The Frog and the Princess, Beauty and the Beast. Don’t we know the outcome? Can’t we do better?

I am reminded of Hebrews 13:2, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. It makes me give people a second look, get past the judgement, reach out to my fellow traveler and offer them a passing glance, a smile or a comment for we may not meet again. But in this instance we have shared a moment that may have some impact on their life or mine or none at all. I could have done a good deed, unaware, my response may have been what they needed or I may have learned something new. Who knows? 🙂

Never knew a walk through a store could make me this philosophical about life. And here I was just wanting to take a leisurely stroll through a very lovely store, and admire the beauty of man’s creativity.

Enough! Got to give the brain a rest. Maybe I’ll just sleep instead. 🙂

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